Tuesday, 28 February 2012

DLC 2/28: Huey Lewis and The News

This week we review the Huey Lewis and The News pack for Rock Band.

Songs are:
Huey Lewis and The News - "I Want a New Drug" - Pro Available
Huey Lewis and The News - "Do You Believe In Love"
Huey Lewis and The News - "The Heart of Rock and Roll"

So did we like the DLC this week? Keep reading to find out!

I did enjoy this weeks DLC quite a bit. Every song had a good keys part. I felt that there should have been Pro Guitar on The Heart of Rock and Roll too/instead though. Outside of that I enjoyed this week a lot.

I Want a New Drug:

This song has a fun guitar part. The only complaint I have about it is that there isn't much during the verses. Outside of that it is a really fun guitar song I strongly recommend that every guitarist consider picking it up! The bass was the best bass part of the week. That being said I still found it to be pretty "meh". As far as drums go, like the rest of the week it was rather simple and boring. As far as keys go, like the rest of the week it was great!

- Good guitar part
- Good keys part (Like all the songs!)
- Fun to sing
- Has Pro Guitar and Bass add-ons 

- Pretty "meh" bass
- Simple (read boring) drum part
- Pretty lacking in harmonies

Do You Believe In Love:

Probably the weakest song this week, and it's still really fun! Good keys part (like everything this week!) as well as being a great song for you and a couple friends to rock out on the harmonies! Guitar was OK. Not great, just OK. Bass was on par with guitar for this song. As with the rest of the week drums were really simple and not that fun. Easier songs can be fun but there comes a point where a song just becomes TOO easy (I'm looking at you "Terrible Lie"!)

- Good keys
- Great harmonies

- Boring drums

The Heart of Rock and Roll

In my opinion, this is the best song released this week. Seriously. This song was good on everything! That includes bass, and to an extent, drums! I really liked this song. I felt that this should have gotten the Pro upgrade as well as or instead of I Want a New Drug. Still though, that one is deserving of it too.

- Fun on (almost) everything!
- Guitar part good enough to be worthy of Pro.

- Drums are still pretty weak.

Best instrument: Keys

Pick of the week: The Heart of Rock and Roll

What should you buy: The whole pack! Seriously, it's really good!

Final thoughts: This was a good week, even if you don't like Huey Lewis and The News I still recommend getting the pack. It's pretty fun, unless you're a drummer, then I'd only get it if you like Huey Lewis. If you're a keys player however, this week is a dream come true for you. Guitar had some pretty fun parts too. Bass was OK this week too. Nothing special though.

Until next time
- Oscar Bernard

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  1. Next week there will be a proper podcast. There were just too many technical difficulties that we couldn't iron out in time. I hope you'll stay with us another week!