Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DLC 3/06: Everclear, Good Charlotte and Mastodon

This week we receive singles from Everclear, Good Charlotte and Mastodon

Songs are:
Everclear - "Santa Monica" - Pro Available
Good Charlotte - "The Anthem"
Mastodon - "Curl of the Burl"


So did we like the DLC? Keep reading to find out!

Everclear's Santa Monica

This song has a really fun guitar part. It's sort of easy but has a few challenging parts just to keep you on your toes! Bass wise, however, it's easy but it's sort of repetitive and can get sort of boring after a while. Drums were fairly average. A pretty simple pattern with some fills thrown in to the mix. Nothing special though. I personally found vocals to be BRUTAL! That could stem from my not knowing the song that well though.

  • Really fun guitar
  • Drums are OK
  • Has PRO Guitar and Bass
  • Boring bass
  • Difficult (at least for me) vocals
  • No keys

Good Charlotte's The Anthem 

This is yet another really fun guitar part but I felt the bass was the star of this song. That's right, the BASS!  Just like Santa Monica it has a simple drum pattern that changes up a bit. This one is more fun though. Vocals were fun to sing. Only has double harmonies though so only one other friend can join in on vocals.

  • Great guitar part
  • Really fun drums
  • AMAZING bass
  • Fun vocals
  • Only has double harmonies
  • No keys

Mastodon's Curl of the Burl

This song has the most challenging guitar part of the week. It's not too hard but has some challenging HOPO parts thrown in. Bass on this song mirrors the guitar on the chorus and goes off and does it's own thing during the verses. Drums were a nice challenge too. Not as hard as Blackened or The Party Song but still a nice challenge. Vocals are quite fun too.

  • Hard guitar part that's not TOO hard
  • Really fun bass part
  • Good drums
  • Really fun vocals
  • No keys

Best instrument: Guitar

Pick of the week: Curl of the Burl by Mastodon

What should you buy: The lot

Final thoughts: This week contains some of the most fun charts on some of my least favourite songs. I still recommend this week if you want fun songs to play. The only weak part of this week is the bass on Santa Monica. None of the songs have keys though so if you are primarily a keys player then stay away from this week. Other than that I recommend picking it up.

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