Tuesday, 27 March 2012

DLC 3/27: Shinedown

This week we get 3 more songs, this time by Shinedown.

Shinedown - "Second Chance" - Pro Available
Shinedown - "The Crow and the Butterfly"
Shinedown - "Bully"

So will we like this DLC? Keep reading!

Second Chance (Chart)

Second Chance was a rather easy song on guitar. Sadly though, there are parts of it that can feel TOO easy as well as become repetitive. Because of this the song becomes tedious to play. Bass however, is a completely different story. It features quite a few fills throughout the song and a few pattern changes too. Keys on this song were fairly simple except for a little section right after the second chorus where it takes you all over your keyboard! Drums were also good to play. It was a simple drum pattern with a fair amount of variation to it. Vocals were pretty average at best. Nothing too special about them.

  • Incredibly good bass.
  • Drums that change up enough to avoid becoming dull.
  • Has Pro Guitar and Bass available.
  • Guitar can feel repetitive after a while.
  • Keys are pretty simple.
  • Vocals are average.

The Crow and the Butterfly (Chart)

This, along with last week's "Smooth" by Santana, have got to be some of the best guitar songs released all year. It features a guitar part that has it's share of complexity without becoming incredibly difficult. It features two charted solo sections as well! Really, this one should have gotten the Pro upgrade over Second Chance. The bass on this song is OK, that is unless it's while the guitar is playing one of the solos. Then it changes up and becomes more interesting. Keys here were very chord based and very difficult. Just as an aside, the keys during the guitar solo, in my opinion, sounded like they belonged in a Billy Joel song. On this song, like Second Chance, the drums feature a simple pattern with a slight variation. Unlike Second Chance though, the drums were boring (except for the bit during the guitar solo). The vocals on this song were, like Second Chance, average. Nod bad but not good.

  • One of the best guitar parts of the year (so far!).
  • Drums are pretty good
  • Bass starts out OK but gets better.
  • Keys are very chord based and very difficult.
  • Drums are boring.
  • Vocals are average.

Bully (Chart)

On guitar this was fairly difficult. If you are looking for a nice challenge I'd suggest picking this one up. The song featured a solo section that was easily the hardest part of the song! Bass wise, this song is pretty much the guitar riff repeated during the song. The riff was fairly difficult on guitar and it's no different on bass. Fortunately it's still rather enjoyable to play. On this song the keys did one of two things. They either had you doing the main riff or they had you tapping one key very quickly. Sadly, neither one was enjoyable. A bit of advice, unless you can play drums well STAY AWAY FROM THIS SONG! It's severely undertiered at a tier 2 difficulty. It should be at least a 4. Possibly a 5. This song's vocals were probably the best of the week.

  • Guitar is a nice challenge.
  • Bass is just as good as guitar.
  • Best vocals of the week
  • Keys suck.
  • So do drums.

Pick of the week: The Crow and the Butterfly

Best instrument: Bass

What should you get: Get the pack. It's pretty good overall.

Final thoughts: Crow and the Butterfly is the best track here across all instruments. Second Chance is also pretty good. Bully is probably the worst one here but that still doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. I'd get the whole pack, even if you don't like Shinedown.

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