Tuesday, 13 March 2012

DLC 3/13: Three Days Grace

Looks like someone at Harmonix leaked some Three Days Grace DLC for Rock Band 3!

Three Days Grace - "I Hate Everything About You"
Three Days Grace - "Pain" - Pro Available
Three Days Grace - "The Good Life"

So will we like this DLC? Is this DLC even coming? (Yep, it is!) Keep reading to find out!

On guitar this song was pretty good, it was enjoyable enough to play, but it was on bass that this song really shined. Bass became really interesting during the chorus where it became alt-strums on the different frets. Drums were rather difficult. Most of the song had quick bass pedal going through it that I found difficult to coordinate with the actual drums. With that said though, I did find them fun to play. Vocals were fun as well. Although, there are bits during the bridge that get really low.

  • Good guitar
  • Great bass
  • Enjoyable vocals
  • Difficult drums that are fun to play
  • Difficult drums that are really difficult for quite a bit of the song
  • No keys

This song has probably my favourite guitar part of the week. It's fun during the mellower verses and the rockier chorus. It changes up during the bridge too. Bass was another good one on this track too. Drums were challenging without being TOO challenging like I Hate Everything About You. Vocals were pretty good. Harmonies have a nice back and forth during the chorus and bridge parts. This song also has a keys part! Yay! Granted, it's not a very difficult keys part but it's not "Need You Tonight" easy either.

  • Great guitar part that changes up every so often
  • Bass part that is incredibly fun
  • Really good drum part
  • Fun back and forth on harmonies
  • Simple but fun keys part
  • PRO Guitar and Bass available
  • The actual song isn't all too great (but that's all opinion anyway!)
  • So fun to play I can't think of any cons
The Good Life

 This song has probably the hardest guitar part of the week. It's riff uses HOPOs and trill lanes quite a bit. Bass, I enjoyed more because while it does relatively the same thing as guitar except without chords in some places it also doesn't have those horrendous trill lanes that keep you from holding a combo. Drums were, as with the rest of the week, challenging. This song was challenging enough to keep it interesting but not too challenging to make it not enjoyable. Vocals weren't bad either. Not great but not bad. Just as a side note, when I saw that The Good Life was coming I was really hoping we were getting more Weezer.

  • Great bass that provides a nice challenge
  • Drums that are challenging enough to keep it interesting but not too hard
  • OK vocals
  • No keys 
Best instrument: Bass, that's right, BASS!
Pick of the Week: Pain (Were you really expecting something else?)
What should you buy: Pain and The Good Life

Final thoughts: I hate everything about this band, so why do I love this DLC so much!

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