Tuesday, 3 April 2012

DLC 4/3: Evanescence

More Evanescence songs come to Rock Band this week as part of Evanescence Pack 02.

Evanescence – “Everybody’s Fool” - Pro Available
Evanescence – “Lithium”
Evanescence – “What You Want”

I'll admit. Outside of Bring Me to Life, I'm not too familiar with Evanescence, but will that stop me from liking the DLC?

Everybody's Fool

Guitar on this song is absolutely great! It's simple enough so that it's easily approachable but has some incredibly challenging parts thrown into it, the intro of this song is one of those moments. It's filled with HOPOs that are very reminiscent of Landslide, just quicker! Bass, however, is a different story. Unfortunately for this song it has a very boring bass part. The bits it does have aren't bad. Sadly though, there just isn't enough playing in this song for there to be any fun factor during the bass part of the song. Considering how prominent keyboards and synthesizers are in Evanescence's music I was expecting this song to have a really good keyboard part. I don't know if it's just having my expectations too high or if the keyboard part is legitimately not good but I did not enjoy this keyboard part. It used incredibly simplistic extended sustains throughout and outside of a couple parts where you are playing notes across the keys there isn't too much else going on for this song and that's a shame. Drums sucked. Simple as that. The only bit about this that was remotely enjoyable was the intro and that's because it's the only bit of the song that was any different from drum parts we've gotten in the last couple of months. Really, I'm SICK of the exact same beat in pretty much every song. Seriously drummers! Learn something new! I always find it very hard to review vocals when writing this but on this song I can say that I do have a complaint in that keyboard is charted to harmonies. Why they needed to do this when you play it on the keyboard already is beyond me, unless of course there actually is singing and I just can't hear it.


Lithium is a fairly slow song and because of this, the guitar part during the verses being pretty much all HOPOs is less daunting. That being said, it doesn't make it any less entertaining to play and it is a strong guitar part. While the speed being slow is part of the reason why the guitar part is strong, it's also part of the reason why the bass is so weak. Like Everybody's Fool there just isn't enough playing during the song to stop the bass part from sucking so much. This song redeems keys for this week after the bland Everybody's Fool. It features a great riff played throughout the song that takes you across the keys. It's really enjoyable to play and like with the guitar, the slower speed makes it less daunting to attempt. Drums on this song were rather boring. Once again, it's the same drum part we've gotten many, many times the only difference being that's it's slowed down. I was bored throughout the song when playing the drum part. All I can say about this vocal part is boy does Amy Lee have range and if you don't then you're going to have a tough time with this song.

What You Want

This was the only song of the week that wasn't really good on guitar. It's one of those "just play different chords to the beat" type of songs. The only bit that was fun was the bridge when the chords sped up and what you were playing was different. Outside of that, I'd pass on this song if you only really play guitar. If you primarily play bass however, I'd defiantly pick this song up. It's great because it does it's own little thing so you don't feel like you're playing a dumbed down version of the guitar part. It has plenty of little fills in there to keep it interesting as well. The only real enjoyable part of the keys on this song was the chorus when you were playing a challenging, yet fun riff. During the verses the keys were actually annoying to play because of the awkward speed of the fast bits. The drum review is pretty much the same as Everybody's Fool in that the only fun thing was the intro. The rest really sucked. Another song that'll really challenge vocalists. Fortunately the challenge is worth is.

What should you buy: Everybody's Fool and Lithium if you're on guitar. Bassists should get What You Want. Keys players should get Lithium. Vocalists should get the pack because it's a good challenge. Drummers should pass on this week.

Best instrument: Vocals

Pick of the week: Lithium

Final thoughts: Meh.

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