Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Snoop Dogg DLC soon? (UPDATE)

So it looks like someone at Harmonix accidentally put up a "Snoop Dogg Test Pack" in the marketplace. Could this be an indication that a Snoop Dogg pack is coming soon? It also seems that, through some URL hacking, people found the song Gangsta Luv so that seems to add further credibility to this rumour.

UPDATE: HMXhenry has said on RockBandAide that there is no additional Snoop Dogg coming to Rock Band any time soon. Oh well. As RBA pointed out though, the song Gangsta Luv may very well end up on the Rock Band Blitz list!

UPDATE 2: HMXhenry commented on RockBandAide again to say that Gangsta Luv isn't coming to Rock Band Blitz either. Oh well.

Thanks @jamesshaw33 for finding this and RockBandAide for running the story so that I could steal it here!

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