Tuesday, 1 May 2012

DLC 5/1: Eddie Money, Train and Yellowcard

This week's songs come courtesy of a few different artists. With this variety there should be SOMETHING good, right?

Eddie Money - "Two Tickets to Paradise" - Pro Available
Train - "Drops of Jupiter" - Pro Available
Yellowcard - "Only One"

After taking a one week break, we're back! Will we like the DLC? Find out Tuesday!
First off, I want to say, I won't be reviewing drums this week. My drum kit doesn't want to stay connected to my Xbox. I've tried putting new batteries in but that didn't help. It's not staying connected long enough to get through one song. If anyone knows how to fix this please leave a comment or tweet me (@RockHeroCast).

Eddie Money's Two Tickets to Paradise
- Chart

Well, the guitar is not easy. The two solos in this song are fun, I'll admit and while they are hard in that "oh, this is a good challenge and I enjoy playing this" sort of way, the verses are hard in that "wow, this is really annoying" way. It has an awkward alt-strumming pattern that actually dampens the enjoyability of the solos. It's a shame, really. The bass part consists solely of one riff. Fortunately, that riff is fun to play although the constant repetition can get boring after a while. Keys are pretty hard. There are loads of sweeps in the chart and awkward extended sustains throughout the song. Pro keys features some awkward four-key chords too. Unless you're a seasoned keys player I wouldn't attempt this one just yet!

Train's Drops of Jupiter - Chart

I liked the guitar more than I did on Two Tickets but, at the same time, I found it to feel boring at times. The part is pretty easy. On sightread, I missed just one note (and that's partially because my guitar disconnected). It is a nice acoustic part that doesn't feature too many changes. Amateur players will be challenged a bit with some of it's quick double-strums and chord changed but seasoned players will be able to whip through this one with no trouble at all. Like the guitar part, the bass is very, very easy. It's so easy, there are bits of it that verge on boredom! Even still, once the song pick up some speed, so does the bass part. That said, it's still not very fun and if you're a hardcore bassist I'd skip this one all together. Keys were easier than I was expecting. Given the fact that they feature so predominately in this song, I was expecting them to be a real doozy!

Yellowcard's Only One - Chart

Are you a few thousand HOPOs short of getting HOPO-cidal Manicac? Are you sick and tired of playing Landslide to boost your amount? Then this is the song for you! Except for the chorus and the bridge, the WHOLE DAMN SONG is just HOPOs. Now, fortunately, they're not hard to hit. In fact, it's very similar to Landslide in that respect. The chorus does give you a relief from the HOPOs though. It's probably the best guitar part of the week though, not too hard (Two Tickets) or too easy (Drops of Jupiter). It's a nice in between. Holy bass chords Batman! Well, they're mostly towards the end of the song, but still, they're very predominant then! As well as having the best guitar of the week, it has the best bass of the week too. While there aren't as many (or really any) HOPOs as the guitar part the chorus is roughly the same. Keys can pretty much be summed up in two words: Keys solo! Unfortunately, outside of that, there isn't much going on with this song. Oh well.

Pick of the week: Only One
What should you get: Get it all. It's all pretty good.

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