Thursday, 17 May 2012

DLC 5/15: Paramore

Given the fact that Tenacious D's new album comes out this Tuesday, it'd be nice to see some more from them. Let's see what's in store!

Paramore - "Ignorance"
Paramore - "Brick By Boring Brick"
Paramore - "The Only Exception" - Pro Available

Now, I'm not a big Paramore fan but I've enjoyed their songs in the past. Will I like the DLC though?


I've got 4 words for this guitar part. Better than I expected. It's actually rather hard for a Paramore song. Don't let the fact that it's listed as 3rd tier fool you, it's actually quite the challenge! The solo is actually one of the songs easier bits simply featuring quick strummed chords. The verses are the bits you need to worry about! With every note being strummed (as is musically correct) and the fact that it takes you all across the frets you're sure to be challenged here! The bass track definitely lacks the difficulty of the guitar track during the verses. That being said, it's still a good playing experience and something I'd recommend for bassists. Keys were OK, nothing special though. Pretty weak compared to the guitar and bass parts. I'm not a good drummer by any stretch of the imagination. My friend is, but I digress. With that said, I found this drum part to be really challenging, but not in a Slayer sort of way. Instead this was challenging in a really fun sort of way.

Brick By Boring Brick

I've got 5 words for this guitar part. Pales in comparison to Ignorance. After playing Ignorance I must say that I'm actually rather underwhelmed by this part. It just doesn't have the same "funability" as Ignorance. I mean, it's not like it's a bad part but it's rather repetitive and just doesn't do too much for me. The bass part is better than Ignorance's bass part. There are a few empty parts during the guitar part that get to be played during the bass track! The only bit of this keys track that is remotely interesting is the last chorus ad it's really not worth hanging around for the rest of the song. Everything I said about Ignorance's drum part applies here too. Great drum part that's challenging but not so hard that I never want to play it again!

The Only Exception

I've got one word for this guitar part. Crap. I heard some people saying that this was one of the most boring guitar parts they'd played on Rock Band and as much as I tried to go into this song with an open mind because I don't always agree with the RB forums, this time I did agree with them. It doesn't start out too bad but it just bores you down with the exact same thing again and again and again and again to the point of ennui. If you have any intention of ever playing guitar then I'd step away from this one. I think Imagine has a more interesting guitar part. Damn is this song boring, but the guitar is a veritable Megadeth track compared to the bass part. Absolutely NOTHING happens in this song. I've got nothing against ballads in Rock Band. Every Rose Has It's Thorn is one of my favourite Rock Band songs, but I do have something against songs where I can fall asleep during it and not miss a single note. How this got a Pro upgrade is beyond me. Rather than bore you with more explanation about how the instrumentation on this song is boring I'll just tell you, keys and drums SUCK!

Instrument of the week: Drums
Pick of the week: Ignorance
What should you buy: Ignorance and Brick By Boring Brick

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