Tuesday, 17 April 2012

DLC 4/17: P!nk

So HMXHenry said that there will be two female fronted bands coming as DLC in the near future. We've already received Evanescence. Will this week bring the second one?

P!nk - "Get the Party Started" - Pro Available
P!nk - "Sober"
P!nk - "Please Don't Leave Me"
P!nk - "Funhouse"

This is our first release in a while (and only third this year) to have more than 3 songs. Hopefully the weeks will start to get bigger over the next few releases. Just remember, we still haven't had an album yet! Will we like this DLC? Find out Tuesday!

Get the Party Started

Guitar on this song wasn't anything special. It's essentially just one strumming pattern with very few variations in it. It got uninteresting rather quickly. It does, however, feature Pro Guitar and Bass add-ons. If you're a Pro player who likes P!nk or stuff that isn't too hard and you're looking for a new song, get this one. If you like playing the same boring bass line over and over and over and over again then I strongly recommend this song to you! If on the other hand, you are a normal person who plays bass primarily then I would stay the hell away from this song. Seriously. It's awful. Keys on the other hand were fun, but then again, it's a generic pop song, I'd be shocked if the keys also sucked. If there is one this I hate, it's drum machines. I hate playing along to them in Rock Band and unless your band name has the words Nine Inch Nails in it, I generally hate hearing them in my songs.


You know, for a slower song, the guitar part is actually pretty good! It keeps itself interesting by adding a few HOPOs into the riff. It's a far superior guitar part to Get the Party Started, that's for sure! I feel that this could have gotten a Pro upgrade as well. Let's be honest here, the phrase "Wow, whoever plays bass in P!nk's band is quite amazing!" has been uttered about as much as "Wow, Axl Rose is a really humble guy who knows when a grudge has gone on too long!". The bass on this song is nothing short of really, really easy. It's less fun than Get the Party Started, and 5 minutes ago I didn't think that was a possibility. Sober's keys are a whole lot more fun than Sober's bass. It's very chord based but also features some fills that take you all over the keys. All in all it's a good gameplay experience. Please see my comment about drum machines from the Get the Party Started review, nothing has changed. I do like this drum part a bit more though. The non-chorus bits are actually not bad.

Please Don't Leave Me

Another guitar part that was better than I expected. Granted, it's still not as good as Sober but still fun none the less. It's another slower song but this one is much more chord based than the other two. The chords make it more difficult as there are quick changes between chord and single notes in the song. It is rather fun. So far, this is the best bass song of the week. It's actually interesting to play and changes up a fair amount. Keys were disappointing. Not bad, just disappointing. It's pretty much just some extended sustains played during the chorus part. Not great. Drums were actually pretty good. I think P!nk hired a drummer for this song. I could be wrong though, maybe it's just a good drum machine! Either way, it features an interesting drum part that uses the toms and cymbals interchangeably and will keep you on your toes when you play it. It's got that perfect balance of easy and hard!


This is the absolute best guitar song of the week. Completely worthy of a Pro add-on. Complete with an interesting, and incredibly fun, riff and an equally fun bridge section that is completely different from the rest of the song this guitar part is amazing. Highly recommend if you're a guitar player, even if you aren't a P!nk fan. Despite being the best guitar part of the week, it most certainly is NOT the best bass part of the week. It's just a simple riff repeated throughout. Yes, I know that that's most bass parts but I guess it's just so underwhelming when the guitar part is this fun piece with a couple changes to the pattern and then you get this bass part. It could just be me though. Keys are really good. It features a good riff and an AMAZING bridge! My favourite keys part of the week. Once again, please refer to my review of Get the Party started for what I think of the drums. I didn't like drum machines 20 minutes ago and I haven't warmed to them in that time frame.

Pick of the week: Please Don't Leave Me
Best instrument: Keys
What should you buy: Everything but Get the Party Started

Final thoughts: If you want your P!nk fix then I suggest just getting the Lego Rock Band export. It has So What on it (plus a bunch of other really good tracks!) and really, that song is better than any of these songs. That said, The pack actually wasn't bad. The three tracks from the Funhouse album are actually fun to play. Sorry about the lack of a vocal review this week, forgot my mic at my other place. There will be a vocal review on May 1st though for all you diehard vocalists!

Oh, also, I'm in England for the next week so unfortunately I won't be able to write up a review for the DLC on 4/24. I will be doing a review on 5/1 though so until then, cheers!

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