Tuesday, 12 June 2012

DLC 6/12: "Drive" by Incubus

So, HMXhenry has said that because of unforeseen circumstances, there will only be one song released this week. Let's hope it's good...

Incubus - "Drive"

Well, licensing is hard. Will I like this sole piece of DLC?

I legitimately like this song. I think it's really good. Granted, it's not as good as A Certain Shade of Green, but that's easily Incubus' best song. I found the guitar on this song to be rather disappointing. It's littered with G-O chords, which cause the chart to feel extremely awkward, and as a whole very little of note happens in the chart. There is a solo in the song, but really, the acoustic part that you play for the rest of the song is much more interesting. The solo, I feel would have been better given as a small little keys part. It does after all have that sound to it. Don't let it's mellow sound and tier 2 difficulty fool you, the bass is rather tricky. When it starts out it actually is pretty easy but then the chorus hits. It doesn't get hard, it just gets tricky. While most of the chorus is pretty easy there are a couple sections of a few strums mixed in with a set of HOPOs which can throw you off course. The drums here were pretty easy. It featured the same simple pattern repeated for almost the whole song. The only real change comes during the chorus, where you're still doing the same thing but it's on the ride instead of the hi-hat. It wasn't terrible though as the bass pedal didn't always match up exactly to the cymbal hit so there was that little bit of challenge. Outside of that though, it was really quite easy and sometimes a little dull.

Pick of the week: Guess...
Best instrument: Bass
What should you buy: Unless you really like this song, I'd skip it.

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