Wednesday, 20 June 2012

DLC 6/19: Angels & Airwaves, Owl City and Queens of the Stone Age

The only real hint we got about this week's DLC is that it sounds like WALL•E trying to hit on you but he's having a really bad day. Oh, and it may or may not be one of the announced artists.

Angels & Airwaves – “The Adventure"
Owl City – “Fireflies”
Queens of the Stone Age – “In My Head” - Pro Available

Will I like this DLC?

Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure

The guitar on this song made my hand cramp up due to all the moving that is required to hit the main section of the song. It constantly moves from green to orange to green and it doesn't stay on any note for long. The only time that isn't true is during the bridge where it's a steady stream of chords played at a reasonable pace. I did enjoy the guitar part though. I found the bass on this song to be a bit lacking compared to the guitar part. The guitar part was a challenging, yet fun, stream of notes that take you all over your fretboard where as the bass is just a long string of repeated notes. That's not to say that there is only one note played throughout the song, but it's not a challenge to get to the next note. The keys are definitely weaker than the guitar and bass. The part is composed of a simple 6 note riff and a bunch of sustains. I found myself to be incredibly bored with this part after a while.

Owl City - Fireflies

I honestly didn't even know that there was any guitar in this song. I know that it was in Guitar Hero (where it was immensely fun) but there you're tapping the keyboard part for the majority of the song. Here, because there actually IS keyboard in the game, you are not tapping the keyboard part for the guitar chart and boy does it suffer! There is a lot of waiting inbetween choruses so that leaves you with nothing to do. This is easily the worst guitar part since Bruno Mars' "Grenade", and at least with that one once you're finished playing your one section, you can make some food or use the bathroom. While their bass doesn't have as much empty space as the guitar, the bass still manages to be worse. It's just simple bass patterns that comprise 15 note maximum or long held notes during the chorus. I was really disappointed, considering that most of the Pop/Dance/Electronic songs on Rock Band seem to have really good bass. Holy crap, this keys part is hard, but at the same time REALLY fun! Remember why I liked the guitar part in Guitar Hero? Because of the fact that it comprised of you tapping the keys part and when you get to play the whole keys part here instead of cutting to the guitar part it's immensely fun. Given the fact that this is an electronic song, you'd expect the keys part to be good. The whole song will take you all over your keyboard, especially the chorus where you play three notes very quickly. All in all, very fun!

Queens of the Stone Age - In My Head

The guitar part can be described in one word: chordfest. Despite this, I did sort of enjoy it. It could be because the part is actually fun or it could be that Fireflies was so awful everything is fun in comparison. Even with this, it's not the sort of part that I'd be rushing to play again and when I'm in the mood to play some QotSA, I'd probably go with 3's & 7's or No One Knows. The part does however have the one guitar solo of the week so I guess there is something to be said for that! The bass here mirrors the guitar for most of the song, just without all the chords. Given the fact that the guitar wasn't terrible, the bass also wasn't terrible. As a matter of fact, the bass was slightly better than the guitar because of some of the fills that were added into the bassline. Still not phenomenal, but pretty good. Do you like keys parts where you play the same chord more than 300 consecutive times before getting some really easy sustained notes before getting to play the same chord another 300 times? If so than this is the part for you! If, however, you happen to be normal, then I'd stay away from this keys part unless you're looking to get a goal for a Keys/PRO Keys note streak.

Pick of the week: The Adventure
What should you buy: The Adventure. Fireflies if you're a keys player.
Best instrument: Well, the least amount of stuff sucks on Guitar, so that.

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