Friday, 29 June 2012

DLC 7/3: All-American Rejects, Mudvayne and Rise Against

I'll admit, I wasn't too fond of Carrie Underwood, but will this week's DLC be something a bit more to my speed?

All-American Rejects - "Gonzo"
Mudvayne - "Happy?" - Pro Available
Rise Against - "Satellite"

I'll admit, I'm not familiar with any of these songs, but there seem to be a few people who are excited for Mudvayne, so I guess that's good.

All-American Rejects - Gonzo

The guitar here was really simple. Up until the second verse, the part consists solely of long notes at a slow pace. Unfortunately, this part does come back often. The second verse is easily the most interesting part of the song, it features a slew of notes all over the fretboard, albeit at a moderate pace. Then it's back to the long, slow notes, until the chorus where it's some moderately paced chords with only a couple sections that really need to be alt-strummed. The bass here was infinitely more fun than the guitar part. It kicks of with a short and simple bass solo and goes in to some moderately fast notes littered with chords. The whole part plays more like a guitar part when push comes to shove, with it's use of chords and whatnot. The keys are fairly easy, with a few fast parts that, while they don't look all too fast, can end up breaking your combo. The rest of the keys part can be done really easily, and as someone who's strongest instrument is not keys, I managed to get 99%, with just the fast notes throwing me off.

Mudvayne - Happy?

The guitar part here is pretty chord heavy, and not just your everyday chords either. It uses chords like GRB and RYO pretty excessively, and whether or not it's to the detriment of the song, I don't know. I personally enjoyed playing the song but I found it awkward at many points in the song. This bass part also is loaded with bass chords, and not just that but also bass chord HOPOs. Like the guitar, I found the bass to be very awkward to play through and, unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy it all that much. Not much going on with the keys during this song. I'm pretty sure that the maximum score you can possibly get is 6620 if you hit all the notes, hold all the notes and use your overdrive optimally.

Rise Against - Satellite

The guitar intro is incredibly annoying to say the least. It's an alt-strummed section that put a few chords in to the pattern and the amount of times I've had my combo broken on sections like these is ridiculous, often due to the fact that I don't keep the chord held long enough, or I keep it held too long. The rest of the song is pretty simple, with maybe only a few fast parts, but nothing too unmanageable. The bass starts off quickly and rarely ever loses it's pace. With the possible exception of one section, and the part where it's just drums and vocals, the actual pattern doesn't change at all, except to change frets.

Pick of the week: Gonzo
What should you buy: Gonzo
Best instrument: Bass

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